About me

I'm Kamil Rusek and I'm a full stack web developer with technical mind and artistic soul.
Currently I'm a full-time .NET developer at Forfront. I work as part of scrum development team and I'm responsible for maintaining and implementing new features to e-shot™ - e-mail marketing platform.

Previously, I worked as a web developer at Key Travel. I joined the company in January 2014 and my main task was to re-create the company's website using new technologies. I successfuly rebuilt and deployed the new website in September 2014. After that I worked on expanding it's functionality by creating new tools and forms for our customers.

During my IT studies in city of Radom, in central Poland, I worked as a freelancer web developer. In my role I was focused on designing and building websites for small businesses in the city and surrounding areas. My primary choice was to implement hand-coded HTML and CSS. I was also building full Flash websites with music players and dynamic photo galleries. For more demanding projects I used an open source CMS - QuickCMS.

I'm enthusiastic and adaptable person, fast-learner with good communication skills. Organised, supportive team member with analytical, results-orientated approach. I am a natural problem-solver.


e-mail: k.rusek85@gmail.com
mobile: +44 07404 383 926